Pay My Bill Romcard

Pay My Bill Romcard is a Joomla module that enables you to take payments without any shop software like VirtueMart.

Pay My Bill Romcard has Romcard payment method.

You can sell products online, process invoices, sell documents, accept donations etc.

Pay My Bill Romcard

  1. Fixed or Custom payment amount options. You can have a product with a fixed price or can allow users to enter the amount, in example they pay for an invoice.
  2. Invoice field. Allow your customer to specify the invoice number they are paying for, the invoice number appearing in your payment gateway transaction.
  3. Terms and Conditions option. Require your customers to accept the terms and conditions before paying.
  4. Document attachments. Use the module to sell documents online, customers receive the document only upon successful payment, you may add as many documents as needed for a product.
  5. License Key option. Auto generate license keys for your products, if you are selling documents and want to link them with license keys.
  6. E-mail options. Send confirmation emails to administrator and/or buyer for Pending order (when the order is started), Cancelled (if the customer cancelled the order), Successful (when the customer confirmed the payment).
  7. E-mail templates. Easily customize the emails for each order status.
  8. Return pages. Easily customize the pages where customers arrive on your website after they pay on your payment gateway website.
  9. Ordering of the payment methods.
  10. Add extra fee on each payment method. In example knowing that Romcard has a fee for each transaction you can add this fee for this payment method.
  11. Add extra procentual fee. In example you want to charge an extra 2% for a specific payment method or product.
  12. Export all orders. All orders can be exported in CSV format for later office use.
  13. Product description. Add product description before the payment button and on the pop-up form.
  14. Change buttons colors. In example for payment button set the green template and for cancel button the red template.
  15. Customize button texts. Easily change the text shown on the buttons, in example “Click here to pay”, “Buy for only 19.99” etc.
  16. Joomla language system ready. You can create your own language file easily.
  17. One year free support and updates.