Feedly opened the API for all RSS-client

So far, the infrastructure Feedly works with about 50 RSS-applications, but now the company removes all restrictions and open API for all developers . Any RSS-reader or mobile application can use the backend Feedly for access to millions of feeds and sync via Cloud API .


Company officials says that for six months they worked closely with developers to design a simple and user-friendly software interfaces at the same time flexible enough to serve different classes of applications: Readers, vertical enterprise applications, dashboards, integration hubs, vertical community. In June Feedly opened API , but only for individual RSS-client, a list of which was gradually expanded.  About the best and most unusual applications, the company promises to tell the corporate blog. Cloud API – it’s not just access to the feeds, but also a powerful platform for personal work with information. After login, users can work with the categories, tags, filters, collections and so on. Through the API, you can access all of these functions. Individual user settings are valid regardless of which device it goes: on the Android-client, iPhone or desktop computer, and what applications uses on each of these devices. most popular applications that run through Feedly Cloud API Based on this wealth of possibilities, we should be happy that Google Reader has closed.