OKPay Module

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OKPay Module enables you to take payments online using OKPay payment gateway without any other e-commerce software.

  1. No need for any shop software
  2. Take payments online
  3. Custom and fixed payment amount options
  4. Success url option
  5. Cancel url option
  6. Easy to configure and install
  7. One year support and updates




To install OKPay Module on your Joomla website please follow the guide below:

  1. Install the module as any other Joomla extension
  2. After installation you will need to go to Module Manager page
  3. Search for “OKPay” in Module Manager
  4. Enable the OKPay Module
  5. Configure the module to your needs

Done! You can take payments with OKPay Payment Gateway.

Custom Request

If your website doesn’t use Joomla and you want to integrate OKPay Payment Gateway in your website please contact us using the contact form.