Pay My Bill PayU Turkey

Pay My Bill PayU Turkey is a Joomla module that enables you to take payments without any shop software like VirtueMart.

Pay My Bill PayU Turkey has PayU Turkey and PayPal payment methods.

You can sell products online, process invoices, sell documents, accept donations etc.

Pay My Bill PayU Turkey

As a subsidiary of Naspers, a leading group of international media and e-commerce platforms, PayU currently operates in 4 continents at 18 different countries and work with more than 100,000 member businesses worldwide. PayU launched its operations in Turkey in September 2011 with the target of being an important business partner for the e-commerce brands in the industry, by incorporating its globally gained knowledge and experience into the local e-commerce market needs. PayU Turkey especially aims to minimize the risks of member businesses with its value added services and thus satisfies a significant need in the industry. PayU is the first validated payment processor of Turkey by Visa and Mastercard.

Offering a large array of services including virtual POS solutions, advanced fraud prevention filters, expert fraud monitoring team that operates 24 hours 7 days, PayU Turkey improves the service quality of e-commerce businesses while providing an innovative service approach by cooperating with Turkey’s leading banking and licensing institutions.