PHP best practice

Low carb PHP: No spaghetti
PHPDoc: comments are your friends
Game on: Throwing, catching and handling errors
Users are stupid: Parsing input and escaping output
Start on the right track and clean up your own mess: Initialising and destroying variables correctly
Guess the magic number: Using constants
Programmers are stupid: Version control can save your life
Code reuse? No thanks, I have plenty of free time
PHP Karma: Write code you would like to maintain
Securing your job through obscurity: Why to write 3 lines of completely unreadable code when it would be easy to maintain in 5 lines
The wheel wasn’t good enough: How to waste time by rewriting code
Codewithnopunctuationorappropriateuseofwhitespace isreallyhard tocomprehend
Coders are from Mars, designers are from Venus: Why structure and presentation should be separated in PHP (you won’t see John Gray write that one!)
The 7 Habits of successful PHP developers: Test, test, test, test, test, test (get the joke?)