Save Rosia Montana

I know this blog not covers that area but i want to protest as well  for clean waters, strong mountains, life and freedom. We cannot be here for long without nature’s support.

The Romanian government has approved the century’s most controversial mining project – cyanide gold digging in Romania’s beautiful mountains that can consequently affect the Danube and the Black Sea all together. People living in the area are forced to sell their houses, leave behind their homes, all for the benefit of industrial corporations.

Besides spelling environmental disaster, by proposing this law, the Romanian government is blatantly betraying its electorate. For the past 15 years, the Romanian civil society has been fighting to save Rosia Montana. Our current government has won the elections by publicly declaring it would oppose the very same mining project it is now trying to implement. We find that this act of extreme dishonesty questions the very legitimacy of our government. We find that now, more than ever, is a time for civil disobedience.

After more than a decade, the fight to save Rosia Montana has entered its final phase. It would be an incredible lack of responsibility and humility if the government and parliament went forward with the mining project. The number of truly informed citizens grows by the day. Each day, week, month increases the irritation and anger of the people. If the announcement of the expropriation law drew tens of thousands to the streets, I do not want to imagine what would happen when images of Rosia Montana residents forcefully evicted from their homes begin circulating.