THE MOBILE PWN2OWN CONTEST (more than $ 300,000 prize found)

The second annual Pwn2Own competition in the mobile part of Zero Day Initiative will be held on PacSec Applied Security Conference in Tokyo on 13 and 14 November. The prize fund – more than $ 300,000. Mobile Pwn2Own contest is to find vulnerabilities and hacking opportunities in mobile devices. This year, it sponsors the Android Security Team and BlackBerry.

Members who breaks and get full access into a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB or NFC will receive $ 50,000 Those who can do so through a mobile browser, application or part of the the operating system itself – $ 40,000 (the prize increases to $ 50,000 if it’s Chrome, running on the Nexus 4 or Galaxy S4). $ 70,000 – for exploiting  SMS, MMS or CMAS. Oh, and $ 100,000 for breaking through the cellular network (baseband)



Participating devices:

  • Nokia Lumia 1020 (Windows Phone)
  • Microsoft Surface RT (Windows RT)
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 (Android)
  • Apple iPhone 5 (iOS)
  • Apple iPad Mini (iOS)
  • Google Nexus 4 (Android)
  • Google Nexus 7 (Android)
  • Google Nexus 10 (Android)
  • BlackBerry Z10 (BlackBerry 10)